Features of Morphome3cs II

Landmark placement and specimen management

Landmarks can be places in 2D photographs, 3D surface models and volume. Specimens with their landmark sets and ancillary data can be conveniently stored within a specimen table.

Explorative analysis tools

Morphome3cs has a plethora of tools for explorative and confirmatory data analysis. They work on landmarks and other data. More statistical methods can be quickly implemented using scriptability in Python and R.

Nonlandmark and dense mesh methods

Finally, Morphome3cs features a rich set of tools for the analysis of methods that work with whole meshes, including DCA, CPD-DCA, asymmetry and paired analysis. On top of that, Morphome3cs serves as a test bed for the development of new powerful registration and analysis algorithms.

Note that many of these operations are computationally intensive. Check out the recommended system parameters.