Welcome to the home of Morphome3cs II

Morphome3cs II is a software project developed in cooperation of CGG - Computer Graphics Group, Department of Software and Computer Science Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague and 3DLAB - Laboratory of 3D Imaging and Analytical Methods, Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

Its aim is the integration of the functions such as landmark and curve placement, the statistical analysis of this data and presentation of results. A noteworthy part is also the tool for dense mesh analysis that works directly with surface models. Morphome3cs is an integrated environment for research in anthropology and archaeology as well as a solid testbed for new registration and visualisation methods.

Development of Morphome3cs is partially supported by Norway grants (project NF-CZ11-PDP-3-003-2014) in cooperation with The Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics of the Motol University Hospital and 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, 2016-2017.

This project is supported by GA UK 1388213, 2013-2014.

If you use Morphome3cs in your research, we would appreciate a reference.